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In an effort to provide the best support to our customers, Business Computer Technologies, Inc. has formed partnerships with some of the most prominent software vendors in the world. Through our strategic relationships with these companies, we are able to offer solutions that are flexible and capable of growing with the needs of our customers' diverse and expanding business requirements.


For example: Accounting, distribution, manufacturing, production, workflow, business analytics, customer relationship management, human resource management, virtualization, cloud computing, security and many other business processes.


Whether your company has 5 employees that need to do something as basic as create and fulfill orders, or you have 500+ personnel that require simultaneous access to the same data, either internally or externally, and the need to manipulate that data in a real-time environment, BCT can provide the solutions that will help you streamline your operations and provide functionality that will help your company see the highest level of ROI not only for today but also for the futures

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