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V-Technologies - Integrated Shipping Solutions

V Technologies

Work Less. Ship More.

V-Technologies has been developing integrated shipping solutions since 1989. Our products provide integration for sharing information across your business, from the shipping room, to customer service accounting.


Work Less. Ship More.

Mailed. Shipped. However you say it, Starship shipping software gets it done faster and easier. Simply enter an order number and Starship retrieves the ship to information from your accounting system.

Ship Gear

Everything you need for fast, accurate shipping!

ShipGear will revolutionize the way you ship. By enabling UPS WorldShip® and FedEx Ship Manager to work with your accounting software, shipments are processed quickly and accurately. ShipGear also speeds up processing of invoices and orders because it updates them automatically with shipment detail. All of this is available without custom changes to either your accounting or carrier software.

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