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About Us

Business Computer Technologies Inc., is a solutions company assisting our clients in using technology to streamline and enhance their business processes. We do this through the use of ERP systems, offering implementation, training and support. Having been in the industry since 1984, we understand the vast range of technology available and what works best for our clients. BCT has Sales personal and Support Team members set up in different locations across the country to be available whenever needed.


Through our experience and dedication, we have provided support to a wide range of markets, giving them better business processes by creating a more efficient work flow and making it more cost effective.



BCT principals, since 1984, have recognized the importance of technology within business processes of the manufacturing and distribution markets. BCT also recognized that in order to provide solutions, we needed to have the fundamental skills that enable us to pass on knowledge to the customers we serve. We continue to deploy this business philosophy both internally and externally.


BCT offers solutions from leaders in the industry. Industry names such as Acumatica, Microsoft and more. BCT realizes that technology leaders offer our customers the solutions that will keep them ahead of the competition, will help our customers to realize a desired bottom line and will help our customers get the finished product out the door faster!

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In order to offer the solutions mentioned, BCT also recognizes that the staff that makes up our team needs to have experience within the market place we serve and also the knowledge to deploy the solutions we offer. The team BCT has assembled is recognized by OUR customers as being some of the brightest and highly skilled that they have worked with. Why? Because BCT recognizes the importance of continual training for our people. We continually participate in classes throughout the country, so we can pass on what we learn to our customers. We believe in knowledge transfer!


If your company is looking to team up with a solution provider that can offer turn key, technology products that will help YOU stay ahead of your competitors by streamlining your business processes, look to BCT as your partner!

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