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Say NO to High Mailing Costs



PDFBlaster is an intelligent printer driver that lets you easily batch fax and email invoices, statements, sales orders, purchase orders, quotes and more right from your software without the hassles of dedicated moderns, phone lines or any additional third-party software. PDFBlaster installs in minutes, and uses an existing Internet connection to blast out accounting documents as either Internet faxes or emails with PDF attachments. If you can browse the Web, you can use PDFBlaster.


How it Works


Simply print your accounting documents to the PDFBlaster printer driver - just like any other Windows printer. Using patent-pending SmartFindTM technology, PDFBlaster instantly determines the recipient and retrieves the fax number or email address from your accounting database and delivers the document as either a laser-quality fax or email in seconds, using a standard Internet connection available on most every desktop PC. No user intervention is necessary, making PDFBlaster the ideal solution for batch printed invoices, orders, statements and more.


Integrates with Microsoft Office


If you've been looking for an automated broadcast system to send newsletters, price lists or mail merges that your end-users can actually use, look no further. PDFBlaster is fully integrated with Microsoft Word and Outlook, eliminating the confusion and complexity associated with accomplishing even a simple mail merge -- all without sending a single hard-copy page to your printer.


Blast your business to the new levels of productivity with PDFBlaster, the intelligent way to click...print...send!


Feature Highlights


  • 5 minute installation

  • No hardware or additional software required

  • No phone lines, fax boards or modems required

  • Send PDF email attachments or Internet faxes

  • Send traceable emails with ACTIONdocsTM technology

  • Print and send in batch or individual documents with one click

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