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Sales Tax Compliance Software

Are you spending a lot of time and money to calculate and comply with multiple state sales tax requirements every month? Alavara Avatax, allows companies to automate sales tax computations, streamline cumbersome error-prone tax compliance processes and reduce the risk of loss or penalty in case of an audit.


Avatax is a web-based service that delivers address validation, jurisdiction, rate, boundary, and rule research, automated rate calculation, returns preparation and remittance. It also allows you to manage even the most complicated tax issues, such as situs, nexus, tax tiers, tax holidays, exemptions, certificate management and product taxability rules - with no CPA staff required.


Developing strategies for managing your sales and use tax will be critical in 2013. The sales tax compliance process is difficult to manage manually and businesses must be aware of the actions that lead to sales and use tax audits as state and local governments are increasing their audit numbers each year.


A few actions that can lead to sales and use tax audits can include:


  • No reporting or under reporting of sales and use tax. 

  • Late reporting or filing of sales and use tax returns.

  • Reporting a large volume of exempt sales. 

  • Having nexus obligations within a jurisdiction but not registering with that jurisdiction.

  • Follow up from a previous sales tax audit.

Manage potential audit risks and have the peace of mind knowing you're in compliance with every potential local sales tax jurisdiction your company does business in.


Beyond managing sales taxes Avalara has a product to help you manage the sales tax exemption certificate processes. This allows for automatic notices to be sent out in advance of their expiration. Your customers can upload their new certificates. You are then allowed to manage the acceptance of the new certificates as well as monitoring none responses.

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