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VineyardSoft is the creator of KnowledgeSync, a business activity monitoring solution that helps firms automate business processes.


KnowledgeSync is a true company-wide business activity monitoring software solution that addresses all of an organizations knowledge management needs. KnowledgeSync’s purpose is to automatically track and analyze business information for critical, time- sensitive conditions of data across an organization and to respond to those conditions in a timely and intelligent manner.


What “Activity” Can KnowledgeSync Monitor?

KnowledgeSync monitors and responds to critical, time-sensitive business activity that can cost an organization lost revenue and lost productivity.


As the “one source for all alerts,” KnowledgeSync monitors:


  • Application Data (e.g., service, sales, finance, & manufacturing)

  • Incoming E-Mail Messages

  • Information in Web Forms

  • Reports Due for Distribution

  • Operating System Data


What Kind of Analysis Can KnowledgeSync Perform?

Using sophisticated data mining to analyze precise conditions of business data, KnowledgeSync enables users to create the most intelligent responses possible.


This analysis includes the ability to:


  • Detect individual records meeting certain criteria

  • Analyze data across multiple applications

  • Spot when a record “changes”

  • Perform mathematical functions


How Does KnowledgeSync Respond to this Activity?

When KnowledgeSync detects the presence of business information that needs to be acted upon, KnowledgeSync can respond by:


  • Sending Alert Messages (via e-mail, fax, pager, PDA, cellular phone, & web browser)

  • Moving Data from one Application to Another

  • Creating Actionable Records in an Application Database

  • Generating and Delivering Relevant Reports

  • Executing Organization-Specific Response Actions

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